Feb 7, 2011

Our Super Day...

What our party tasted like...
~Fried Shrimp (cocktail and tartar sauce bought 'specially across town)
~Potato Skins
~Spinach Artichoke Dip (with pita chips and carrots)
~Stuffed Mushrooms
~French Bread and Herb Oil Dip
~various candies and chocolates

What our party sounded like...
~Happy hopped up on sugar madness.

What our party looked like...
 ~My children dressed as Pink Princess fairies~ complete with wings and crowns, not pictured  (why?  because "Fairies eat stuffed mushrooms on Super Bowl Sunday."  obviously.)
~Building marble runs
~Throwing rocks in the street with our neighbors.  (they cleaned up the rocks later)

Its a rather silly affair for all of us.  We spend days preparing the menu as a family.  We make a huge deal out of a big game that No One Watches.  We paused it so many times that we were able to fast forward through all the football parts.  (in other years we watch the puppy bowl)  Matt and I enjoy watching the commercials which is very ironic, as I mute almost all commercials on everyday but this.  The kids were so high on the unusual amounts of sugar that they couldn't have sat through the game even if they cared to.  Its like a bizarre holiday for an event that no one in particular cares for.  But we do it every year.  And I love it.  We all love it.  It doesn't make much sense, but it is so us.

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cmp said...

That sounds great! I can pretty much watch any sport with a ball, but Jamie could care less about sports. However, he still gets excited every year because there is yummy food, beer, and he can play with all the kids running around. :)

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