Oct 1, 2010

Week in Wool....

We are wrapping up our fifth week of Homeschool using the Harvest Curriculum.  Our theme this week was wool.  We read The Goat in the Rug and explored the many types of wool found in our home.

 I have a large bag of freshly washed sheep's wool that we sorted into color piles.  Sometime (maybe in Spring) we will try washing all the lanolin out of it.  Its a little tricky to felt with right now.

 Ava preferred carding.

Who could blame her with the lovely assortment of colors she had to work with?

She created her own 'signature colors' that we are going to use for this years christmas gifts.

Cyrus chose to ignore us and do his own thing...

Earlier this week we talked about how yarn was made.  We looked through my yarn basket and noticed the way the hand spun had a special look and feel to it. I have a skein of this super soft wool from a local artisan  in Prescott Arizona that was gifted to me last year.
 We tried our hand at weaving using our local yarn and items found on our camping trip.  I love the results so much I am going to hang them in a group in my living room!  We loosely followed directions from a Waldorf crafting book (Earthways page 148) and the beautiful tutorial at Natural Suburbia.  

 Ava loved the idea of rainbow yarn for weaving.  I let her know that our project would be done in white, that I don't have rainbow yarn.  Much to Ava's way she went straight to work making her own.  A little tempura paint and some white yarn and there you go.  "Momma, look at this lovely collection of rainbow yarn I have for my knitting kit I'm going to make myself"
Oh Ava.  I love you.

Thank you to The Magic Onions for bringing our families together for inspiration each Friday.  Thank you to the women at Wee Folk Art for the curriculum that they lovingly provide.  Thank you to Natural Suburbia for providing such outstanding tutorials.


Michelle-WeeFolkArt said...

Looks like you guys had a wonderful wooly week too. I liked your daughter's solution for wanting rainbow yarn.

karen said...

ah beautiful wool:)

Leanne said...

Delicious fleecy goodness...all things wool...nothing better!

hands follow heart said...

Playing/learning with wool must have been so much fun. The weaving using branches looks fantastic. I have to try this one out. Thanks for the inspirantion.

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