Oct 18, 2010

Gratitude Mondays....

What I love today....

~A finished quilt...

~4th annual girls weekend...
(that coincided with Ava's birthday weekend)

~Having both of my sister's together...
(even if its too short a time)
~Brand new, and very first tattoos...

~A partner who helps me pull it off...
(I mean parties, and events.  You got that right?)

~A fat little baby who suddenly wears a 6-9 months 
(starting Wednesday)  
and appears to need a larger /longer size.  
(Bad baby.)

~A little boy who can hang up his own clothes.
(His independence, dexterity, and perseverance is remarkable.)

~Ava turns 6 today.  Six.

I still haven't upgraded my storage, and therefore I can't post photos, but I'll do that later on today.  I promise.  Probably. 
Update:  1:12 Am...  Still can't get to my upgraded storage, it "may take up to 24 hours to access"  bla bla bla.
Update 10/192010 11:28:  I finally seem to have everything working!!!!!

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leaner said...

I loved meeting/talking to your sisters/friends/mom. I was sad that I had to go home and didn't get to hang out with all of you.

The party was amazing. Gwennie could not stop talking about the Fairy path, and the glitter. I love that.

Also if you do plan my "baby shower" (or blessingway or whatever) I totally want a salad like that one with the flowers and raspberry vinaigrette. I haven't stopped thinking about it since Saturday. In fact I would like a large serving of it, right now.

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