Oct 19, 2010

Sick days....

What's life if not unpredictable?

We have had some very busy, very beautiful days around here.  Family, friends, birthdays, and fun.  Now its time for some sick days.  Not so much fun.  Thankfully my children have brand new mama made quilts to snuggle up with while they heal.  (Perfect timing!)

I'm going to step away from the blog (again) to nurture my little ones (and Matt, and myself) back to health.  I'll see you all here, bright and early Monday morning! (and by that I mean late Sunday night.  Has anyone caught on to my trick yet?)

I leave you with a late night image of my sweet boy's toes.  (and the blanket that I'm so very excited about, but I'll gloat later.)

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leaner said...

What kind of sick are you all? There have been many illnesses all around me lately and I am just waiting for one of us to have one.

Get better quickly so we can tie dye stuffs.

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