Oct 12, 2010

Here's the deal....

I wanted to try something new.  I wanted to watch my blog grow. (also I was a tad annoyed with blogger and picasa and I may have acted rashly.  May have)  Its not working out.  Typepad can't move my archives, and I'm not willing to live with out them.  This blog has been an incredibly personal journey.  I love this space.  I've decided to share this part of my life publicly, but its all mine.  My babies, my memories, my days, my love.  I'm not risking that.  So I'm not leaving.  I'm going to take a few days to fix this place back up.  And start where I left off. (hopefully)  I may even still do the week about the rain that I was planning. 

Sorry for the confusion folks!


betsy said...

this makes me happy!

leaner said...

Everything looks good from this side and seems to be working. It even looks like nothing was lost in your "possible" rash behavior.
You are awesome.

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