Oct 29, 2010

How the Gnomes came to live with us...

Meet our newest friends....
 It all started yesterday with one of those afternoon sibling fights.  
Someone has new fairies from her birthday, 
someone else wants to over take them.
(one baby is teething, 
one mama just wants to read her book....)
On the story goes.
Inspiration strikes...
"Cyrus, would you help me make some gnomes for you to play with?"

~Start with some sticks...
If your house is anything like mine than you probably have a collection of sticks to chose from.
Ours are Pecan branches from our favorite restaurant.

We chose a nice thick stick.
I hacked at it with an ax until I had three equalish size pieces.
(Have I mentioned that I don't have any power tools?)

~Use a metal file to sand down the rough ends of the stick 
working until they can stand on their own

~Once standing you are nearly done!

Our Gnomes needed proper cloaks.  I used inspiration from a Waldorf book...
(Maybe Earthways?)
And looked up a quick tutorial.

~Cyrus chose the color combinations...
et voila...

 ~I was very pleased with our results.
Then I was reminded that gnomes have beards.
Of course they do.
Silly mama.

No worries.  
Some craft glue,
some wool, 
And now we have proper gnomes.

Very welcome in our home indeed!

Happy toy making everyone!
Thank you to Magic Onions for bringing us together in celebration of nature and play.


betsy said...

I LOVE them!!!! I think we need some for our house too

leaner said...

Those are awesome! If you had power tools, they wouldn't be as cool. Power tools are overrated.

Bending Birches said...

oh, LOVE IT!

Leanne said...

These are the BEST! There is no better way to make toys...especially little garden gnomes! I must make some! Love.

Anonymous said...

This is wonderful, home made gnomes belong in every yard! Love Stephanie

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