Oct 8, 2010

First, and last Harvests....

Our little garden is doing pretty great.  The damage from the weeks storms is evident, but minimal.  Matt and the babies took a day recently to get our garden started, but the heat has kept us from getting much further.  That same heat has prolonged the harvest of our watermelon and honey dew plants.  I pulled over 80lbs of melon today.  Experiencing  the intense Summer's heat into October brings us mixed blessings.



Aren't those tiny peppers adorable?  They represent the first of our fall harvest.  Mixed in you'll find just one cherry tomato, and one roma tomato.

Here's to the end of a bountiful summer harvest, and the excitement of our harvests to come!

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Amanda said...

I didn't want to lose this....

I love your garden beds and there is something kind of blissful about gardening in such a pretty frock.

Posted by: sarah | 10/08/2010 at 11:34 PM

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