Oct 27, 2010

Rain Dance...

When the skies finally open with rain in Phoenix it is nothing short of a joyous event.  The energy in the air reminds me of the first sunny warm days after weeks (months) of wet ones of my childhood in the Pacific North West.

With children, or with out.  Day or night.  I must get out and touch the rain.   A little dancing, and a lot of splashing!
(my secret preference being late at night, with a glass of wine, and no children.  Shhhh.)


mrana said...

They looked like they had so much fun!

(V.Kerr) School Time Adventures said...

Just wanted to come stop by your blog. I grew up in Prescott where we experienced seasons but never anything like here in Utah. However I do miss the Arizona monsoons. Nothing comes close to that!

Leanne said...

Is there anything more joyful than running in the rain! And yes...I hear you on the secret too! ;)

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