Oct 6, 2010

A garden in transition....

 We've had some crazy weather here in Phoenix the last few days.  The hail has been impressive.  The winds have been powerful.  I'm not entirely sure what I'm going to find in my garden once the mud recedes so I decided to change my blogging plans a bit.  I have some photos that I took of my garden the other day, some of them I didn't think I would ever use here on my blog.  (I see no need for the whole world to see a large empty bag of mulch, and more weeds than you can wade through, among other things.  But I digress)  What ever damage the rain may have caused, it was still Rain.  I love rain.  I miss rain.  I plan on dedicating all of next week to rain, in celebration.  So for today, and for Friday (I have a Halloween sneak peek on Thursday) I'll share what my garden is (was?) pre-storm.

Cyrus and I recently toured our garden.  We talked about what's coming in for our Autumn garden, which things stay all year, and which things are on their way out till next year. 

 The last of the summer's garden continues to bless us.  The watermelon is more than a little out of control, the sunflowers have sent us (with the help of the birds) one last bloom.

 The Meyer lemon tree has big beautiful lemons that turn a little more yellow each day.
 The first plantings of our fall garden are precious in their neat orderly rows.  The remind me of an old fashion nursery.  Rows and rows of babies full of promise.

Hopefully by tomorrow I can see which of our plants are going to weather the storm, and which will be replaced.  I will not mourn their loss, the season is still very early.  We have so much yet to plant.  (unless my 3 foot basil really did get knocked over as it appears to have.  That will suck)

Here's to the fantastic power of nature!


karen said...

your gardens looking great in these photos, I hope the rain doesnt dammage any plants. Thanks for your kind words and luck about my give away, It realy is quite exciting how many people have entered. Im looking forward to seing your Halloween sneak peak!

Run Lori Run said...

I have never had luck with melons or sunflowers! Frustrating! Your garden still looks great!

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