Apr 27, 2010

So far so good....

I know I do my fair share of complaining when it comes to Arizona weather... but, and I hope I am not jinxing myself (and everyone else in the state)  so far so good...  Tomorrow its to be in the 90's.  That's  common for late April.  Thursday we have a forecast for... wait for it....  Low 70's.  It seems to good to be true.  Often things seem to good to be true.  Maybe I am too cynical?  Maybe.

My lettuce has decided that the heat is here to stay. Its changed from short frilly and sweet to this new tall and lean physique.  Its very pretty.  Its horrible, and bitter, but very pretty so it gets to stay a while longer.
Just behind my leggy lettuces we have my rebellious flowers.  This season we have branched out (so to speak) and added a few more non edibles to our yard.  Delphinium, and this pretty little pink Easter gift below.

I am really glad to have them.  They go against our original plan of only planting edibles or workers, like the marigold who helps to keep the bad bugs away.  But its ok with me.  I feel a little reckless.  I mean to say, I live in a desert.  Its one thing to use minimal water to grow things to eat.... its quite another to grow them because they are pretty.  But they are pretty.  They add such flair!  And truth be told, I am a little reckless these days.  I've been letting my children play with one of my cameras just because I like to see what they take pictures of.  I skipped a neighbor girls birthday party, and sent Matt with the kids, so I could just rest.  I ate the frosting (and centers) off of three pieces of cake in one day. (eating a good portion of cake in the process)  I am blaming this on third trimester pregnancy.  Every other part of me is effected by pregnancy so it stands to reason that my practicality is too.  I didn't even recognize Earth Day this year.  (usually it involves crafting, singing, and community projects)

So that's me.  That's the weather.  We both are a little out of character these days.  And I think its going to last a little longer.  We'll come around eventually.  We always do.  But for now...

Here's to being reckless!  So far so good!

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Run Lori Run said...

I am officially jealous! It is POURING here in Portland! My mom lives outside Phoenix and she rubs it in all the time. :)

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