Apr 26, 2010

Gratitude Mondays

What I love today...
~30 weeks down, 10ish to go!!!!

~Pretty napkins.  Someday my mother will get tired of these, I hope to be on the receiving end of that day!

~Giving a camera to my babies and telling them... nothing.  Just letting them explore.  (more on that later)

~Weddings.  I love weddings.  I may not share the same ideals or values as every bride, but I sure share that joy.  It is so much fun to have a wedding.

~Cake.  Seriously.

~A trip to the bead store with my girl.  I want to try to do more 'just us girls' trips with her in the next few weeks... after that, its baby time!

~A boy who cries that he can't fall asleep, while sleeping.  Annoying sometimes, but oh so cute.  

~A partner that will take my babies to a 9 year old girl birthday party (only a small percent in English) so I can just rest after a loooong weekend....

~Roasted beets, and Swiss chard...  We are so planting more of this next year!
~Birthday cake delivered to my door on my birthday!  Oh my goodness it was Amazing!

~Taking a week off of blogging for no reason.  No writing, and no reading.  Just a spontaneous break.  It was good to be away, and its good to be back.

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gardenmama said...

Thank you for sharing this beautiful happy post! It was a joy to read and I am so in love with "laundry on the line" photos! Beautiful!

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