Apr 8, 2010

Easter Morning...

My last post about eggs...

We woke up early to find our baskets of treasures.  This years baskets were actual baskets. (I tend to rebel against Easter baskets, choosing instead to use dump trucks, camping chairs, whatever)  Wicker bike baskets filled with new (used) spring books, bike bells, paint, chalk, fabric and sewing supplies for her, a real soccer ball for him.  We watched Molly and her owlets while I picked up and Matt napped, then they worked out with Matt while I napped.  Good stuff!  We had a lovely breakfast with big fluffy waffles, fresh whipped cream, red ripe strawberries, and warm maple syrup.  Mmmmmm.

This years traditional egg hunt was in our back yard for the very first time.  Every year previously we've used our front yard for lack of hiding places, not this year!    

(Love the tongue sticking out)

This was just the first of many egg hunts, and many variations on the theme.  The last photo is actually of Cyrus looking for the hidden 'spools of ribbon'...  We will probably play this game out through the rest of spring, and why not?  I say why not dye eggs all year, hide them too if you feel like it.  Easter is still special.  The traditions are still made on that day.  
Here's to all of us enjoying our holidays, and making them last through the seasons!

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Leanne said...

What great wooden eggs! and the egg hunt is just obligatory isn't it...a perfect Easter morn.

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