Feb 23, 2010

Proof of Spring... part II

Bee Season...

(Its true that only the last two are to illustrate the title, the first two pictures are just because the are pretty)

We have entered officially into bee season in our house.  The calls of "shut the screen, the bees are getting in" are being heard all through out the day.  Sadly from this season we quickly merge into "shut the door the air conditioner is on".

We've needed and used Apis. (Apis Mellifica, a homeopathic must for all families)   So far its only been the one time.  It seems like we may have an easier year than last.  (knock on wood) Last year Cyrus kept grabbing the bees with his hands.  Oh boys...

We've rescued many 'girls' from being trapped in our home.  Five in one day.  (We assume them all to be female, and have a statistical chance of being correct)  Ava made one of her proclamations to me the other day...

"mom you know what would be really cool?'
What's that Ava?
"If we could have a whole bunch of bees in our house, then they could build a hive-"
Oh Ava, I don't think so...
"no, listen.  They could build a hive in our home, then they will give us honey!  We could have honey all they time right from our house!!!"
Ya.  That'd be something alright.

I feel like letting you all know (just between us) that as I took these photos, I was mesmerized by the action of bees.  Entranced by the sunlight filtering through the red Fairy Duster blossoms.  Fantasizing about life as a nature photographer... It had completely slipped my mind that I was in the middle of a text conversation with my friend.  My cell  phone was forgotten in my pocket.  When my phone vibrated at me I screamed, nearly dropped my camera, and for an instant believed that there were bees in my pants.  Oh I am so brave.  And remarkably bright.

Here's to Spring!  I hope to bring you all more proof yet again tomorrow....


Betsy said...

I love Ava!!

Betsy said...

Hey look I found out how to make it say my name and not Mathhew's

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