Feb 10, 2010

Springtime inside and out...

Today Anna, the apple tree, gave us spring!  She is absolutely covered in little buds.  Spring leaves and flowers will be joining us these next few days and weeks.  We will welcome them with everything we have.

In honor of Spring's arrival outside I brought some spring to our inside.  I found this fabric remnant for next to nothing a few weeks ago during a sale at Jo-Ann fabrics.  For less than one dollar, plus the use of old napkins I whipped up four place mats.

This print was always intended for our spring time dinning table.  The moment I saw it I loved it.  I love the birds, which are perfect for February.  The Great Backyard Bird count starts tomorrow.

The branches and flowers were the welcome surprise...  I think they look just like our apple tree.  So perfect when things like this happen.

It was the perfect time to make these place mats.  Sitting in the grey late morning light.  Listening to the sounds of rain.  Windows open.  No music.  Just the rain, the light, and my very old sewing machine.

And of course the occasional visitor.

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April said...

I want to just eat your blog it's so beautiful. I didn't know you were a sewer. Lovely placemats.

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