Feb 22, 2010

Proof of Spring.... (part I)

Arizona Diamondbacks Fan Fest

Last weekend Matt took the kids to the Chase Field for Fan Appreciation Day.  In our family this marks the official beginning of baseball season, and spring.  The pitchers, coaches, and players have all reported for training camp, and  will start Spring Training games in March.  It was a fun day for my partner and our babies.  Matt is pretty much a super fan, Cyrus is obsessed with all things balls, and of course being a "baseball man".  Ava... um, she was glad to go, but came back saying that next year she hopes they go to a place with out lines.  (I think in the end she is going to be in my camp)

I spent the afternoon relaxing and cleaning in peace.  There is just something about cleaning a room, or even an area and knowing that it isn't going to get messed up again for at least a couple of hours.  (I also watched Dirty Dancing....)

It is my hope and plan to bring you more proof of Spring in the next few days... Blessings to you whatever your season!

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Run Lori Run said...

I used to live in Arizona and saw a few spring training games, the Brewers maybe? My mom lives there now and is bragging about the weather!

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