Feb 9, 2010

my favorite lullaby....

I love a lullaby.  I love to sing them to my babies.  I have songs I sing to both of them, and I have songs that are special just for each of them.  This is my lullaby for my new baby.  My new baby has newly grown ears, and so I sing to my little one.

If you listen you can hear
Birds sing and flowers grow
If you listen you can hear
My love for you just grow

In the silence that's around
Deep peace and love are found
In the days that will be here
My love will call you loud and clear

And in the silent place
Where loneliness is found
I'll wander through the open door
To look for you
There in that magic land
That lies beyond the clouds
Floating on the sea of dreams
I'll sing to you

I believe the song is originally by Francoise Hardy.  The version that I listen to is Elizabeth Mitchell.  You can listen to the song here.  I am almost half way through this pregnancy.  Half way through my last pregnancy.  The half way point till I hold this little one.  Begin the journey of knowing this little being.  For now, I'll sleep, eat well, and sing.


Cinnamon said...

Hi! I thought you might like my favorite song from childhood that mom would sing:

This little flame of life we guard
Through the long night that might be hard
Your eyes we will teach to know the way
that shall make wonderful your day

Bright be your flame my little one
Who's pilgramage has just begun
And when these guiding hands are gone
in love with all things good go on

5orangepotatoes said...

I love anything Elizabeth Mitchell sings! This is beautiful. Lucky little babies!

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