Feb 14, 2010

Gratitude Mondays...

What I am loving right now
~20 weeks, and 20 to go!!!!  Half way there, and that is amazing.

~Spring time in Arizona is upon us.  Even if it heralds in the inevitable summer, the springs are glorious...

~The Olympics....

~Valentines Day celebrations with my family.  We had so much fun that I am thinking about doing a whole week of posts on how we do Valentine's.  

~exploring new blogs...  An error while switching operating systems caused me to lose all of my bookmarks.  I now am on a mission to find fresh new blogs to read...

~I love that right now, like so many other moments these last 20 weeks, Ava is asleep and pregnant.  Her 'little one' is wrapped in a silk,and tied with a scarf around her belly under her pajamas.  She is so tender.

~Cyrus.  He's going to be three in just about a months time.  He is loud, and strong willed.  He urinates all over the toilet.  He is completely against riding in shopping carts, and staying close by while he is out.  (Unless you bribe him with snacks.)  He makes up his own songs, and stories.  He pours water out of the tub by the bucket if he thinks there is too much soap in his water.  He climbs counters to find hidden treats while the house is sleeping.  He wakes up before the sun by hours, and if you don't wake up with him you will regret it.  He loves to be in character (puppy, kitten, baby, package man, baseball man, football man, work man).  I love him.
~I am so forever in awe that I have Matt as my partner.  I could not hope to express how grateful I am for every little way he enriches my life.   From the simple unspoken acts of bringing me water with out me asking, because he knows I keep forgetting to drink enough, to the way he continues to show amused patience if I bicker or rant like a crazy pregnant person.

Here's to love!

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