Jan 6, 2010

101 in 1001

I say this a lot through out the year, its true, but this is one of my favorite times of year.
There is something so fresh new and clean about January.
The christmas decorations are put away, and the house has been redecorated with a fresh perspective.
Its also a time of year for lists.
I love lists.
Here is a big 'ol list I've been working on for a while now...
a work in progress
Nothing written in stone, lord knows I don't work that way.
Goals, plans, aspirations.  Those I can handle, those I like.  For clarity I broke mine down into categories.  Thank you to Sophia for the category idea!

    * Food*
1.    learn to make brown sourdough bread.
2.    Raw food trail for a day
3.    Raw food once a day for a week (month?)
4.    Make a cheesecake
5.    Find a healthy cookie recipe
6.    Make black rice
7.    Make a low fat frozen yogurt
8.     Force paper whites
9.     3 low hanging towel hooks for the babies
10.   Shoe shelves for the babies
11.   Start replacing dinner plates, and saucers with hand thrown, hand made
12.   Start replacing bowls with hand thrown, hand made
13.   Get a set of clear recycled wine bottle glasses
14.   Get a set of blue recycled wine bottle glasses (contact company for special order?)
15.   Make a salve from beeswax
16.   Cover kitchen chair cushions, or replace the whole chair
17.   Learn to use my carpet shampooer, then USE it!
18.   Get rugs for kitchen and bathrooms
19.   Continue publishing my own calendars
20.   Replace our broken 2nd fridge- freezer and continue using it

    *all of us*
21.   Teach babies to swim
22.   Take a family vacation, just the 4 (5) of us
23.   Visit the Rio Salado Habitat Restoration Area (volunteer?)
24.   Camping on the ocean
25.   Rescue a puppy
26.   Host a potluck game night
27.   Camping on the North Rim (of the Grand Canyon)
28.   Children's Museum
29.   Science Museum
30.   Take every one to the Symphony (in the park?)
31.   Women's softball game
32.   Puppet Theater
33.   Outdoor concert, festival
34.    Movie Date
35.    Quiessence.  Before the baby comes.
36.   Dinner date at a new (to us) restaurant
37.    A ballet date
38.    Pedicures
39.    Read Ann of Green Gables
40.    Read Heidi
41.    Read  Secret Garden
42.    Read Black Beauty
43.    Start a baby book
44.    Frame and hang photo aprox age 6-9 months
    *Little One*
45.     Home birth
46.     Start a baby book
47.     Frame and hang photo aprox age 6-9 months
48.     Make a cast of hand and frame.  Give to Matt for christmas
49.     Make a baby doll

51.     Get a tatoo
52.     A trip to the dentist
53.     A trip to the ophthalmologist
54.     A trip to the Naturopath
55.    Get a bicycle
56.    Start Bach Flower Remedy
57.    Practice Kundalini prenatal yoga
58.    Buy hair rollers, and learn to use them
59.    Go to one of "my" concerts with Matt
60.    Have a blessing way
61.    Start my birthing book library (Ina May Gaskin's work,  Gurmukh's works, Thinking woman's guide,
         Hypnobirthing, Birthing From Within... get more for list)
62.    Get an SLR camera, and learn to use it
63.    Attend a La Leche League meeting
64.    Get back to Brags vinegar and honey once a day
65.    Postpartum set weight loss goals
66.    Go estate sale shopping
67.    Start a dream journal

68.    The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe (series)
69.    Catch 22
70.    Pride and Prejudice  ( or Jane Eyre)
71.    Wuthering Heights
72.    Anais Nin and Henry Miller (maybe Tropic of Capricorn?)
73.    Shakespeare's Sonnets
74.    Whitman's Leaves of Grass
75.    Kipling's  Kim
76.    Animal Farm
77.    Bram Stoker's Dracula
78.    Grapes of Wrath 
79.    Catcher in the Rye
80.    To Kill a Mocking Bird
81.    Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy 

82.    The Godfather Trilogy
83.    Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
84.    Citizen Kane
85.    Annie Hall

Craft` Make
86.    Baby Hats
87.    Baby pants
88.    Baby blankets
89.    Christmas placemats
90.    Valentine placemats
91.    4th of July placemats
92.    Rainbow tie-dye the big play silk (and baby whites)
93.    Sew a t shirt skirt for me
94.    A christmas lap blanket
95.    Knit a baby blanket
96.    Learn to crochet
97.    New Advent calendar 
98.    Throw pillows for the couch
99.    Diaper wipes
100.    Learn to knit "round"
101.    Knit caps for all my babies

There you have it.  My list.  Some of the items are painfully simple, some will be harder to attain.  It might seems silly to put movies on this list but the way I've see it I've gone this long saying "I should really see that sometime" and I haven't.  So now its there.

I would like to try and update my list once a month.  I will cross off accomplished items, and items in progress I will make purple.  Sophia has the idea to pay herself $5 for each number crossed off.  That's a darn good idea!

Here's to all of us getting out there and making things happen!  Good luck to us!


heather said...

I love you so much little sister..you are an amazing woman and I am excited to watch your life change as your list unfolds..

April said...

Wow, you are going to camp on the ocean, that's quite a feat...are you a descendant of Jesus? Can you walk on water? Maybe teaching the kids to swim is a good idea.

Seriously, great list. I am a list person myself.

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