Jan 14, 2010

A search for magic

Our afternoons at the library usually wrap up with some time by the pond  (they probably call it a lake, but as I am from the northwest I am just going to have to call it a man made pond.)  We are so lucky to have such a beautiful setting for our library.  It just makes the trip that much more... ya know?    I love the way the setting lends itself to so many wonderful opportunities.  Watching people fish and set their lines, feeding ducks, climbing trees, playing in the very large playground not pictured here, looking for pine cones, looking for feathers, trying to get the geese to chase me....

My babies also like to take some time to look for Magic.  The elusive four leaf clover.  Each child has his, or her individual hunting technique...

Cyrus goes for grabbing as many large handfuls of green as he can.

Ava carefully combs through each section looking for her prize.

I wonder where the origin of this treasure hunt began.  Maybe it was last year for St Patrick's day when I checked out a picture book about an Irish violin player.  The book never mentioned four leaf clovers, but we did look for them hidden on each page...  However it came to be is not what captivates me.  Watching them laugh and search, sharing their joy as they inevitably find something that they will call  "The one!" .  Simple moments of magic found in a trip to the library.  That's the wonder I'll try to keep with me.  Carry it through our days for as long as we can. 

Here's to all of us finding some little magic moment to carry through our days...

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ScottChrisCoriCassiCali said...

You are right, it is a magical experience that leaves us far too soon. I agree with hanging on for as long as we can!

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