Jan 5, 2010


Whether he's making a scary mask, or cookies with play dough...

taking a bath with his wooden boats in colorful bath water... 

checking out the fishing pond at the library...

or getting deck out to join his sister's ballet recital (with a fairy finger puppet)...

This boys got joy.  And he's got it in spades.

He brightens rooms with his smile, then he destroys them with a smile.
He responds to reason, then he does what he wants to anyway.
He cries when his father leaves in the morning, and jumps and screams in excitement when he returns.
He's afraid of helicopters in the sky, and plays with wooden replicas in his room.
He wakes up before dawn to raid the kitchen, then wakes you up to play.
He loves love, and we love to love him right back.
He's Cyrus.
Like no other.

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