Dec 15, 2009

Its all in the journey..

This years trip to get a christmas tree with filled with the unexpected.  An unexpected bout of gastroenteritis in our family kept us closer to home.  Unexpectedly we had the opportunity to visit a different local family owned nursery than our usual farm.
I wasn't sure what we'd find at Whitfill Nursery...
I sure didn't expect to love it!

I was so happily and unexpectedly surprised to find free roaming ducks...

Chickens, chicks, kittens (with collars), even puppies on leashes.

Old rusty barrels of fire, and a good 'ol John Deer!

 Finding a place close to home (10 minutes), with candy canes, and cocoa, with the comforts of a farm, that is local, and family run... 
Its like finding the a great rock, or seashell.
The feeling of unearthing a treasure.
Possibly the begging of a new tradition..
That's the kind of special that I look for during the holidays.
We'll be back to this place, maybe for a fruit tree, and hopefully for next years christmas tree.
Even with all my planning, I know you never really know what to expect.
Its not the destination, it the whole experience.
Life is all about the journey.

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Run Lori Run said...

What a nice experience, especially so close to home. Hope you all are feeling better...

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