Jan 19, 2010

Why I love Home Depot...

First a small disclaimer...  I have many reasons NOT to love The Home Depot.  The fact that they are large corporation that takes business away from the smaller nurseries, and the whole Monsanto debacle really gets the activist in me all riled up.  Aside from that...  Here is what I love about The Home Depot....

The Kids Workshop.  This is an awesome program!  In most locations it free, and once a month.  In our location its free and twice a month!  Ava has been having such a great time and has made some really cool things.  Usually Matt and I take turns accompanying Ava, or hanging out with Cyrus.  If Matt has Cyrus they grocery shop.  If I have Cyrus we hang out in the garden department!  Either way, I find the time to explore the garden center....

My most favorite thing about the Home Depot....


The Spring flowers are in!!!  I love ranunculus.  I wanted them for my wedding bouquet, but opted in the end for locally grown and wild flowers.


The seasons in Phoenix are wonky.  It starts with spring, short and glorious.  Quickly spring turns to summer, then summer hogs most of fall.  What else is fall to do but crowd into winter?  By the time we should be having winter it finally looks and feels like fall, and spring flowers are available as spring is just days away.  Whatever the reason, this is not a time of year to complain about weather.  Or spring bulb flowers....

Home Depot can just be so much fun!!!

Here's to all of us finding fun!  And to the return of spring... however close we may be.

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TinzleyCare said...

Hello Amanda, I'm Tinzley from Home Depot's Customer Care Social Media Team. I read your post and thought it was very nice. Happy to know you and your family have fun with us! See ya soon!


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