Jan 3, 2010

Gratitude Mondays...

What I love today.....

~14 weeks, 26ish weeks to go!!

~The broccoli in our garden is "flowering".  It is seriously very exciting news around here.  We eat a lot of broccoli.  A lot.

~Taking walks with my babies while the bike around the neighborhood.  So freak'n cute.

~I have some great lists going.  I love my lists. 
~101 things in 1001 days  coming soon...
~29 days of giving  starting in February...

~Feeling well and motivated enough to start moving this very pregnant body of mine!  I lost my prenatal kundalini yoga dvd, and luckily my library carries it!

~I have a great stack of books ready for me to read.  I love that.  Like LOVE it.

~My big bowl of personal stash christmas candies....  (its cool cuz I'm starting with the walking and the yoga...)

~My family is at a time of massive changes, new cars, new babies, new houses(?)...  Change is not something that I have been known to embrace 'gracefully'.  I am so so grateful that Matt is my partner in all of this.  Together we will work through our options, and make solid choices.  Together.  As a couple, as friends, as partners.

 I just want to say that I am so happy to be back!!  I had an amazing holiday, and I hope you all did too.I am so excited about this new year!!
Bring on 2010!

blessings to all of you as we start a new decade together.


Matthew said...

YAAA You are back!!!!!

Run Lori Run said...

What a nice post. You seem gleeful, happy and grateful for the blessings you have in your life. We could all use more gratitude... thanks for making me think of what I have to be thankful in my life too. :)

Anonymous said...
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