Jan 7, 2010

A winter picnic at the train park

I  was going through my December photos, and I came across my train park visit.  Only three weeks ago.  It feels like a life time.  The holidays are so crazy, even when you try to slow things way down.  Maybe I am just too pregnant to keep things in perspective...  Either way I thought I would take a moment to remember this day.  Three weeks ago.  There will never be another December 23 2009, and I would like to treasure it.

  Day 23 of our 25 days of christmas.  McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park.  A place of wonder.  Trees, fields of fallen leaves, carousels, trains, tunnels, all decked out for the holiday.  A beautiful way to spend a winter day in the park!

Cyrus was mesmerized  from the moment we entered the park. 

After a waiting for our train ride at the play ground, it was time to ride the rails!

Ava chose to ride in the box cars.  She's oh so brave now that she is five.  She reminds us daily.

Cyrus rode up with us, and was in rapture.  He loved the wind, the sites, the sounds.  He also insists that this is the way to wear shades.

The tunnel has a special feeling this time of year.  I thought this was the best part, it was a little spooky for Cyrus.

We found a peaceful little place to enjoy our lunch with the birds...


To throw some leaves around....

And to watch the trains go by.

We finished our stay with a ride on the carousel.  Ava loved them, just like always.  And Cyrus changed his mind once it started, just like always.  That's Matt in the back holding him close, keeping him safe.  Carousels are crazy fast, any one can tell you.

Here's to all of having a moment to take in everything we have done in these last three weeks.  And here's to next years holiday season!

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