Aug 22, 2012

water beads to the rescue

6 (ish) months ago I found water beads at the dollar store and picked up a jar to play with.  I'd read about them many times on other blogs, I was super excited to share this experience with my children.  And then life happened, holidays, packing to move, unpacking to move, and then and then.  I completely forgot about them sitting in a drawer in my art closet.  These little beauties were discovered right when my family needed them.  I was wrapped up in an art project that was taking hours longer then I had anticipated, my children were in the market for something different, something a little special.

Enter Water Beads to the Rescue.  Hours after I opened the jar, and poured these bouncy little wet rubbery balls into a bowl my children were still wildly entertained.  The balls went through so many different incarnations of imaginary play.  (At one point they were being referred to as library books)  These were definitely a huge success, and as a bonus I was able to finish my pretty project.

So now I just wish I could remember why I only bought one jar.  Seriously.

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risa said...

I have read a lot of water beads from other blogs, too. And most of them are about parents trying to find things for their kids to play with. Indeed, water beads to the rescue.

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