Aug 29, 2012

School time with Sol

As I look back through the (over eleven hundred) pictures that I took in August, I noticed what an important presence Sol has in our school days.  He's here with us, working in his own way beside us.   Everyday he finds something to work on.

Nature Journal
Math tiles, and cars
Salt Dough

Finding the balance of two in school, with one toddler who only wants each of our undivided attention as close to always as possible, it can feel a little overwhelming at times.  But looking through these photos I'm reassured.  We are making it work.  With love, and laughter, together. 

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Grandma Sally said...

Sol is so happy to just be. I know how much Cyrus absorbed from being included in Ava's journey through school and Sol will profit from both of his siblings. How nice is that? I really don't know why I am always amazed that the older ones really enjoy including Sol. I know sibling rivalry is normal but I sure don't see it often with the kids.

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