Aug 30, 2012

Golden Hills.

Shortly after we moved to the bay area our green surrounding hills turned gold with the summer.  
Our weekend drives through these golden rolling hills are often full of surprises.  
Ranches, small farms, eucalyptus groves, creeks, and vineyards all sharing a secret.  
Their secret is that tucked away in their quite spaces you forget that less than 20 miles (in any direction) thrives a major metropolis.  
Here, away from the cities is another place.  
A forgotten place.  
A place where weekend country drives are still possible through golden hills.

I wish that I could also share the forests, and the creeks, but they don't photograph as well from my passenger window.  So, hills it is. 

(this area is Alhambra Valley between Berkley and Walnut Creek)

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Phyllis said...

Oh, my!!! My husband is from Walnut Creek!

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