Aug 2, 2012

Collections from the beach

As long as I've ever visited a beach, I've left with pockets full of seashells, rocks, and driftwood.  (or if I'm really lucky sea glass)  I thought I might grow out of this compulsion to gather beautiful things from nature, but so far, I have not.  I have however, now that I live near the ocean, gotten a tad more selective. 

Here's my newest favorite things to collect from my newest favorite strip of ocean.

Seaweed.  Red, green, pink, yellow, purple and black.  Oh my.

Blue Green pebbles made smooth and shiny from a lifetime of tumbling against the sand.

And my growing collection of white.  Some from shell, some from rock, some speckled, and some pure.  

I love gathering treasures from the beach.  I am so enormously grateful that we live within driving distance from the ocean.  My family is so blessed.


mrana said...

Great pictures, I really like the seaweed

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness...I love it! And the way you position against sand, beautiful. Makes me homesick. Even though I've never lived near the ocean, it feels like home. Love to all! Steph

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