Jan 3, 2012

Zoo part 2

Here's the absolute truth.  I love going to the zoo, but hardly ever do it enough.  I love taking pictures at the zoo, but then don't do anything with them.  Over the years of going to different zoos with different digital cameras I'm sure I've amassed thousands of less than half interesting animal photos.   (I do have some fairly amusing ones if you have a juvenile sense of humor for things like zebra penis, giraffes pooping, or turtles humping, but that's not my point today)  What I do want to share with you all is why I fell in love at the Reid Park Zoo.

First, they have peacocks.
Dozens of them.  Just running around, hanging out.
And then this beautiful fella walked into my life.  Oh my.
I was taken by his striking white plumage.  (I've been very into white this season)

I never knew I was such a tail feather girl.  And who could blame me?

Then there was this mama.  And this mama had something special to share.
She has three 6 month old cubs that she was loving on, playing with and nursing.
Oh my goodness. 

1 comment:

leaner said...

white peacocks get me, too. The crisp, clean look. Love love love.
And baby mammals nursing, more love.

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