Jan 4, 2012

One Way It Goes

So.  This is just one way things work out around here.

The other morning Cyrus came up to me to show me his "flower petal mask".  I told him it was a very clever design, and we took a picture.
 A few hours later,  Ava came to me with her flower mask.  (Along with an elastic band to hold it up.)

And that's just the way things go sometimes.  It is so very interesting to watch the dynamic play out between my babies.

I want to know the right way to acknowledge their efforts.
I want to know the proper way to validate their individual accomplishments. 
I want to know the correct way to delicately balance their unique egos with sensitivity. 
I hope that we can all navigate a peaceful path that will lead us on a loving journey. 
I want them to know that I am crazy about each of them.

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