Jan 11, 2012

This story is for 6 and up

"Mom.  I wrote a new story, but before you think anyone under six should read it, you better read the whole thing.  It's pretty spooky"

The Big Camping Trip
by Ava Rana

Once upon a time ago there lived a little girl.  She had a mom and a dad.  Her mom's name is Ava and she had a three year old.  One day Ava found a secret name for her and her dad.  Her dad is Sol and she was named Spring.

One day Ava had a baby!  But the baby was two years old.  To celebrate that the baby was born they went to the woods.  In the woods it was dark.  The bushes rattled.  And there was a bear!  And the bear had a gun and bows and arrows.  And the bear has helpers.  And they had an evil chihuahua.  But the people lived happily ever after.

The End.

"see what I mean mom?  It gets pretty scary.  It has a happy ending, but I don't think anyone under six should hear this story.  They might get too scared.  The part about the evil chihuahua was from a dream."

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leaner said...

head scratch...hmmmm. She sure has a huge imagination.

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