May 3, 2011

Mysterious Production of Eggs....

(The title is a nod to the 2005 album by Andrew Bird, whom I Love)

On to the mystery...
I have this beautiful ceramic egg collection, and I know next to nothing about it.  Now I ask you to please take a gander (if these were goose eggs the pun would be clever).

(Please excuse the glare)
What I do know about these eggs...  
~There are 12, all different (but all hollow, and all with an iridescent finish)
~There are about 4 different varieties
~They belonged to my grandmother
~It's believed (by my mother who is the world's worst historian) that my grandfather would pick up eggs for her collection while he traveled.

I would be delighted to find out more information on my mysterious collection of eggs.  When were they made?  Where?  What are they?  I don't even know how to start finding answers, there aren't any identifying marks.  So... any ideas?

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