Sep 21, 2010

A trip to the Farmer's market...

I Love Farmer's markets.  I love exploring them in any town I visit.  Temecula, Charleston were nice, but my top three favorites are Salt Lake City, Eugene, and Pike Place. (not in that order)  Phoenix has been building their farmer's market over the past few years, and its really grown.  It may not be as grand as others, but the variety is there.  The growers, artisans, musicians, and artists.

 (I think this would go nicely with my trees, don't you think?)

One of  the most important things, everyone is SO nice.  They remember us.  Ask about our children.      Matt and I enjoy having a relationship with the honey lady, or the man who makes my incense.  The products from Emelmahae are there for my family right when we need them.  A soothing foot massage, a baby bath, or an over tired child back rub.  Jorden from the Gardener's Kitchen makes products so delicious that they are sure to wean Matt and I off pizza take out on days we don't want to cook.  We try to make family trips to the market a few times a month.  Hot weather be damn.  I think I say that a lot.  (I think in Phoenix you have to)

Shopping locally has changed the way I shop.  Its shaped my life for the positive.  I hope it leaves a lasting impression on my children also.

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betsy said...

I want to go there! Can we?

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