Sep 2, 2010

Its unofficially- the official start of Autumn!!!

While our eight season rhythm says that we are mid way through Summer turning into Autumn,  and the Northern Hemisphere says we have about 20-ish days to go, and even if its still scheduled to be 108* on Friday....
September first marks the first day of fall decorating in my house!
 Its time to pull out all the pumpkins.
(I seem to have a lot of varieties to use.)
red clay
70's hand made pottery
80's  hand painted ceramic
2000's certainly NOT handmade foam-type material
(I should have a picture post just about my pumpkins...)
 And now our newest variety.. Salt dough!
Today we painted our salt dough creations to go with our harvest vegetable theme of our homeschool week.
Its not all pumpkin love over here.
It was time to pull out my ever growing collection of fall banners.
It was also time to make cookies, decorate the house, and even to decorate my blog.
I love fall.
I love fall decorations.
I love fall foods.
I love fall desserts.
Getting out these boxes today is the official start of my holiday decorating season.
And I LOVE that.


Brené Brown said...

Love fall! Love pumpkins! Thanks for kicking the season of for us!

betsy said...

I love fall, fall decorations, fall foods, fall desserts. I LOVE IT TOO!!

Kimara said...

They turned out great! Looking forward to seeing pics of your house all decked out for Autumn. I'm hard at work today doing just that today, too. Probably lot's easier here as the temps drop. Suppose to be just a high of 64 in a couple of days, but I suppose it is what we get use to. Hurray for Fall!

Tara said...

I love your pumpkins! I can't believe it's September. Time to embrace fall! Any favorite fall recipes?

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