Sep 7, 2010

Date Creek Ranch...

Over the weekend my family headed just a few hours out of town to an organic apple orchard.  Right in the middle of the desert.   What a treat to be out on a farm.  All of the sights and smells that one might find were there to great us!
I love these cow bottoms. (I accept that might be weird)

The trees were gorgeous and and heavy with fruit.  They offered us some shade from the extreme summer heat.  

I sat with Sol in my lap, the two of us resting under this canopy of fruit while the others were hard at work.



Towards the end of our stay Cyrus wandered off the path and found himself covered in pokey  seed pods.  Matt carefully and patiently removed each little offender.  Cyrus decided to gather sticks and eat apples, no longer interested in adventuring.


By the end of our stay we picked 15 pounds of apples. We certainly could have picked more, but I am not honestly sure how to use more than 15 lbs of apples. 

On our way out we enjoyed big icy glasses of freshly pressed (as in 3 minutes old) apple cider.  It was heaven in a glass.  We had a wonderful time at the apple orchard.  I am so grateful to have this opportunity.  A beautiful day sure to leave us memories for a lifetime.


heather said...

i love you little find beauty all around is because you are beautiful

karen said...

what a beautiful place to visit! All those apples look so yummy too

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