Sep 8, 2010

Number three...

On our magical day at the apple orchard something unexpected happened.  Ava lost her third tooth.  Eating an apple was the trick.

I can hardly fathom how she just keeps growing.  She is so little.  Still a baby.   My first baby.

I am sure the Tooth Fairy wasn't surprised.  Somehow the Tooth Fairy knew just what Ava wanted.  Maybe she (Ava assures me that the Tooth Fairy is indeed a girl)  overheard Ava saying how great it would be to get a little bit of her fairy magic.  You see whenever a fairy visits our home (the Room Fairy who sets up or changes bedrooms, or the Tooth fairy) they leave behind an unmistakably magical trail.   I am  sure that the Tooth Fairy is always prepared.  She fully expects teeth to just fall out at any moment, while a family spends the whole day together out of the house.  She never has to stay up late at night throwing something together.  Nope.

 Thank goodness for glue guns, beads, silver paint pens, and teeny tiny bottles.  
a side note.. the glitter is pink and silver, I don't know why it photographed as orange white and black.


karen said...

what a sweet tooth fairy gift:) These photos are great! Lucky(or perhaps you planned it) your daughter wore that headband, the colour looks stunning with the greens and browns of the trees and make her realy stand out

Amanda said...

Thank you! I was pleasantly surprised.

Run Lori Run said...

How does it happen, I say it all the time: I can't believe my BABY is in the 6th grade!!! Where does the time go!

renee ~ heirloom seasons said...

How sweet. My youngest lost her first teeth a few months ago. I overheard big sister telling her that her (guardian) angel goes and tells the tooth fairy when she has lost a tooth. That's how they know!
I love all these apple orchard photographs. So beautiful!
I also wanted to thank you for visiting my blog and the kind comments you leave.
Happy beautiful autumn autumn days to you!

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