Jul 14, 2011

The B.F.G. (s)

Allow me to introduce my little sister...
A mother of 4.
A military wife.
Living out here for a year without her husband.
She really doesn't like bugs very much.
Or frogs, or lizards.
Loathes scorpions.   
Let us not get started on Alligators.
It seems like she can't stress enough times to her sons that their little friends in nature aren't allowed in the house.
Or near her.
Let me introduce her two boys...

As much as she doesn't like these crawling, flying jumping, skittering, slithering things, it seems her two boys LOVE these things.

Now let me introduce her dilemma...
 Living in the foothills of an Arizona valley as they do, they have loads and loads of creatures. 
Her boys are having the best time "exploring" their new environment.
My little sister, being the trooper that she is  
(military wife pun intended)  
has to decided to come to terms with these B.F.Gs.   
(Big Friendly Giants for anyone who isn't a huge Roald Dahl fan)  
Since my last visit she has found a new one that lives in her garage.  
She sees it every day as she goes to and from her car.  
She's decided if she names it, maybe she can live in harmony with it.  
She asked my children to help her come up with an appropriate name.

Daisy Rainbow Wolf.

Hopefully next time I visit I will capture images of Daisy. 
I'd sure like to meet her.

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