Jul 21, 2011

Baseball two ways....

From me...
Matt took all three babies to a community baseball park near our library to throw balls with Cyrus.  My children seem to think that 'baseball' and 'Diamondbacks' (the name of our local pro-baseball team, for our out of country readers) are interchangeable words.  I got to sleep in, and they came home with doughnuts.  An awesome day for all.  I thought it would be fun to have my children tell the story of their little outing.

 The words of Cyrus, age 4

Diamondbacks and Baseball Park
At the library there was this old old old baseball field, but there was a plate and then me and dad got to play baseball.  And I just once smacked the ball and than daddy tells me to throw the ball and then he caught the ball then we went to the library park, then we went home.  First we went to Fry's (grocery store) and the we went home, but I didn't get anything.  Then I went home and played with my train track.  And I really love to play with daddy's train set.  And I really want to play baseball again someday, on a stay at home day. ('stay at home day' means a weekend, or day when Matt doesn't go to work)

The words of Ava, age 6
photo credit also goes to Ava

The Day at the Baseball Field.
In the morning we woke up and dad said he'd take us some place special for Cyrus and him to play baseball.  We were going to take Sol with us so he wouldn't feel alone.  We didn't know what the place was.  Then we got there and it was the Diamondbacks field.  It was a place were children could play baseball.  Sol and I went over to the grass while Cyrus and dad played baseball.  And we got kinda hot on the way home, but that was okay.  Sol got kinda sad in the end, but that was okay.  I knew another most perfect place.  Cyrus thought that a baseball field was the most perfect place, but I knew another most perfect place that I thought would be better.  It had two big grassy fields.  It's were we had Cyrus's birthday.  But, the Diamondback's thing was fun, we've never been in a real Diamondback's field.  Daddy played as the pitcher or catcher and Cyrus would play the batter.  Cyrus would attack the plate before the ball came.  The plate didn't look how we thought it would look.  We thought it was a square, we didn't expect it to be such a silly shape.  And then we went home.  The end.

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