Aug 20, 2010

Summer's end in our garden...

 The lemons are turning yellow!  They should be ready sometime this fall/ winter.
 The basil has become an enormous bush.  The bees love it, and so do I.
Standing where the sunflower house once stood, Cyrus looks at our happy little baby blackberry patch.
Watermelon.  Thank you watermelon.  You've been Amazing!

Each of us does our part to help our garden flourish.

Its fall planting season here in Arizona.  That may sound crazy, and yes the weather still reaches around 110* in the afternoons, but its true.  Its time for us to head out and clean up.  Time to pull the weeds, and the plants gone to seed.  Time to remove the over heated dead plants, and start the new.  Time to take stalk of what's thriving, and what's to come.
We are so very grateful for our summer's crops. 


betsy said...

Your garden is getting crazy big! I can't to see what is next

Bending Birches said...

wow-- id so love to see lemons in my garden!

arianne said...

Lemons! Wish we could grow those here.

gardenmama said...

your garden looks incredible!

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