Aug 30, 2010

Gratitude Mondays....

What I love today....

~Coloring with Ava in my MC Escher coloring book....

~Good neighbors, and big birthday parties...

~Capturing baby smiles on camera....
(more on that later..)

~A little girl who loves me, and believes that
"we are really just like twins"

~A baby who loves to snuggle...

~A little boy who is fascinated by our ant "problem".
He lays on his belly watching them march across our kitchen.
"Aren't the wonderful?  They are working so hard!"

~A partner that not only took our children to the park Saturday morning
he also stopped by the library to pick up my hold request,
found a book he knew I had been wanting to read!
What a lovely surprise

~Trips to Tucson, even the very short ones.

Here's to a brand new week... We start homeschool today!!!!

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