Aug 13, 2010

Little boats...

Hands down my favorite thing about this camping trip were the little boats that Ava made.  I've read about bark boats in waldorf books, and countless mothering blogs.  I haven't ever told Ava about them, she came up with this all on her own.  When she showed me her collection of boats that she wanted to float I just about cried.  They are so pretty!  Oh I Love Her.

Can you believe them!?!?  I LOVE these boats.  The little flowers and mushrooms are the people on the boats.  I love that each of the three are so different.

She loaded them up and we headed to the lake for her to set them free.


Not to be out done Cyrus found his own boat....

I love camping.  I am so exited to see what happens next year!


softearthart said...

Wonderful boats indeed, cheers from New Zealand Marie

Grace said...

How beautiful (the boats and your lovely child). So sweet.

hands follow heart said...

Those boats are so gorgeous! Looks like your daughter had a great time crafting them.

Bending Birches said...

how sweet! and your little girl is so beautiful!

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