Aug 16, 2010

Gratitude Mondays....

What I am loving today....

~August is half way over!!!  I start to celebrate fall in September, (hot Phoenix weather be damned) and I am so ready for it!

~A fat fat baby who is growing out clothes AGAIN!  Someone tell him to stop!  First it was the newborn sizes, now its the 0-3 months.  I love that he is healthy, and I love me some fat babies, but he's my last.
Slow down baby!

~A little girl who discovered a hidden talent.  She can sing opera.  What does she sing in her operatic voice?
Take me out to the ballgame.
Not kidding.

~A little boy who wakes up before the sun.
This weekend he set up a baseball game (complete with decorative flags, of course)   in the living room while he waited for us to wake up.

~Newly switched and organized closets.  LOVE organized closets.
We have something very big starting soon, and I need to be ready!

~A partner who hung shelves for my new art closet!
If I had tried I know they would have been slanted.

~Fall garden planning!
(We would have started this weekend, but we did closets instead, for that I am very grateful to Matt.
I know how much he wanted to start the garden this weekend.)

~Last minute brownies on Thursday...

~And Sunday's warm peach cobbler....

Here's to finishing projects, and a beautiful week for all of us!

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