Aug 18, 2010

First Dance....

Ava is at the beginning of a new era.  Her journey through life has led her towards school.  She may not be entering traditional school this year, like we once thought, but she has started her formal dance education.  And might I just add that she is the absolute cutest ballerina that there ever was.  Seriously

(Does she look a little nervous here?  It was her first day!)

Ava has fallen in love with her ballet class.  She adores her teacher, and takes the work they do very seriously.   She announced tonight that she may want to learn French, as her teacher told her it is the language of ballet.  Ava has also gone as far as designing special hair clips to wear with her bun.  She came to me with a flower off an old dress and asked there was some way she could sew it onto a hair clip.  Once I showed her what she needed, she found a few more flowers to make a set.  Have I mentioned how much I love that girl!?

Her recital is in June. Its pretty clear that I am just as excited as she is!


mrana said...

She is just the sweetest thing ever. I love those pictures

Betsy said...

OHH Ava can make them as gifts for Christmas!

heather said...

i love her soooo much...she is a fun little lady to watch grow..:)

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