Aug 19, 2010

Sol's moment....

I spend most of my time with him.  Most of my time thinking about him.  He's a part of me.  It seems right that he has a post dedicated to him today.

 He's mostly quiet. 
He likes to nurse, cuddle, and sleep.
He loves to be held.
He loves singing.
He is just starting to ooh and ah.
He's easy to smile.
 He has had two baths now.
Not very many, maybe, but each one has been special.
He likes to float in my arms.
He's been very kind not to poop on my during our magic bath time.
He's never cried.
Not tears,
not once.
 He knows how to frown though.
Lord help me,
I love that frown!
I would move mountains to take that precious frown off his face.

1 comment:

betsy said...

So are you going to move mountains after you get a picture of him! He does have the cutest frown in the world!

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