Nov 16, 2011

What she's reading...

"want to hear my favorite new poem mom?  I wrote it down for you."
Yes.  A hundred times yes.

Thank you Thomas Locker, and thank you to my sister for giving us this beautiful gift.

Thank you for the moment that my little girl wants to share her love of poetry with me.


Grace said...

Lovely! It is so wonderful to see children embrace writing (and poetry especially!). I don't know how old your daughter is but my 8 yr old has been enjoying Rip the Page - it is great for writing prompts and tons of fun.

Anonymous said...

My goodness! I just love this! Ava is so creative, and such a beautiful child, inside and out. Thanks for sharing, Amanda! Love yous-Steph

Theresa said...

Sweet blog :)

Cherine M said...

Very beautiful moment...thank you for sharing it:))

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