Nov 8, 2011

Retro Love.

This week I had the opportunity  to introduce to my babies a childhood favorite of mine.
There is something so magical and mesmerizing about 
little pegs of color mixed with light. 
Who doesn't love a Lite Brite?
(thank you Rachael!)


Anonymous said...

I so remember this at Rachael's house growing up! She's so cool. Love -Steph

cmp said...

Lite brite's are great!
I used to bring the lite brite into bed so I could use it like a flashlight and keep reading my book even though I was supposed to be asleep. Mom told me she'd peek into the room and see a rainbow glow emanating from under the covers, sigh, shrug, and close the door. :)

Rachael Robinson said...

I am so happy they are loving this great toy! Tiffany had so many hours of fun with this amazing toy!!!

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