Jun 2, 2010

Who he is....

He falls asleep when you want him awake,
He stays up when you want him asleep,
He picks the teeniest baby carrots because they "don't get stuck in the ground like the big ones do",
He wears the same few outfits almost everyday,
He's my baby boy.

And today he tells me he's not wearing diapers to bed anymore.
Like it or not, babies grow up.


Cheryl said...

They do grow up so quickly. In a flash. Makes me savour every moment. Well, the vast majority of moments. I reserve the right to forget the rest!

Lovely photo of him asleep in the chair. How do they do that!

Leanne said...

Adorable! And he's going to be a big brother soon too!

Betsy said...

My sweet sweet boy!

leaner said...

Awwww.. you are done with diapers for a few weeks. He is one of the sweetest boys I know.

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