Jun 10, 2010

and just like that....

Ava left on a little road trip today.  My little girl is gone for three nights.  She is safe, and happy, I know.  She'll have fun, I know.  Bonfires and barbecues at the ocean, new bathing suits, new party dresses, graduation parties, cousins, lots of love and laughter is in store for her.  Her precious Gramie-gram to protect her.  But she's gone.  She's never been away before.  Never.  A trip to a friends house across the street for a few hours yes, but three nights?  Eh.  I may not feel ready, but she says she is.  Isn't that what matters?  Isn't that the essence of my style of parenting?  Meet her needs, support her choices, listen and respect her.  All so that when she says she really wants to do this I show her that I believe in her.  Eh.

So I packed her little bag.  I sketched out her out fits so she would be clear which were meant for traveling days, and which she had to chose from for the middle two days.  (one is extra, she likes variety)

Her little brother helped to cut, and glue our work onto pretty paper.
They were found at night, off their beds sleeping in a nest of baby blankets and pillows.  Their own way to stay close one last night.
In the morning Gramie came to get her.  Goodbyes and hugs and lots of love all around.

And just like that... She's gone.


leaner said...

Its hard when they go on trips. You have no control and you have to trust others to keep them safe. I know she will be fine. Enjoy your time with the little man!
And if you need someone to come over for any reason, I'm here.

Cheryl said...

Every experience is a chance to learn and grow. Well, that's what I tell myself anyway. I'm sure she will have so many tales to tell you when she gets back.She'll be several inches taller as well!

Betsy said...

It may be that I am sick, but this made me cry and cry!! Such a big girl!!

Leanne said...

Oh I know that feeling. Sibling closeness is so precious...love their little nest!

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