Jun 8, 2010


I find myself focused on preparations these days.  Time is drawing near.  Its time to have my home ready.  I'll do what I can to make this transition peaceful.  I'll try to cover all my bases.  I'll make lists.  I'll try to stay busy...  

Today I finished my wipes and changing pads.  I used soft flannel receiving blankets to cover some scratchy old changing pads.  With my scraps I whipped up a new set of diaper wipes.  A simple project, and one that doesn't have to be perfect.  It doesn't even have to be pretty.  It just has to be functional, and soft. 

Now that my work is done, I get to fill my basket.  This little basket is something I came up with after I had Cyrus.  A small stash of diapers and necessities. Easy to fill, and easy to move.  A basket to carry to the couch so I don't have search for anything.  A basket to carry with me to bed, easy to reach for late night diaper changes.
My basket has preemie prefolds, newborn covers (in fleece, wool, and PLU) maiden fleece liners for meconium,  wipe solution (olive oil and water),  Weleda calendula cream,  shea butter, lansinoh, emery boards, wipes, and changing pads.
okay... So, what am I missing?  This should cover me, right?


Cheryl said...

Looks good to me. You have been busy sewing. Is the emery board for your nails, or have you another cunning plan for it?

leaner said...

Emery board for baby nails?
Well you have that, and your so very functional breasts. You are set! I can't wait to meet your new one.
I am giddy and living vicariously through you until I am pregnant.

Amanda said...

The emery boards are for the tiny razor sharp baby nails. Even after they are trimmed they can slice! Filing them, while tedious, makes them softer.

Helena~ I can't wait to meet this little one either... or find out when you're going to get pregnant!

Anonymous said...

Hi Amanda- you may already have this but during my homebirth I had baskets of washcloths in the bathroom- my midwives loved it. Your basket looks wonderful and beautiful for your upcoming joy!

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