Jun 9, 2010


Its not just one thing.  It seems like its everything.  

The apples are so almost ready that they even taste sweet, but maybe not just right....

Its the grapes.  Plump, sweet, juicy... but not just sweet enough.

Its the tomatoes that are so close to harvest, the corn that might be ready soon.   Matt will find out his annual raise and bonus any day.  We even have a cat who's going to deliver a litter of kittens any minute now...

And let us not forget the biggest thing on my mind.

All I know is that any minute, any day, any week, sometime in the next month...  We'll have apples, corn, grapes, and tomatoes to eat.  New financial situations.  Kittens to play with.  A new baby to love. 
 Does anyone have a calender of the future?!?  I don't know how much anticipation I can handle.  

(anyone catch that the title is from Rocky Horror Picture Show?)


Cheryl said...

Wow, you are so way ahead in the garden. My tomatoes aren't even budding up. Do you get two growing seasons in before autumn/fall? Right, time to give my plants an encouraging word or two....

Hope you are getting a chance to put your feet up.

Amanda said...

Cheryl~ We do have two growing seasons here, and if your careful over the winter, your tomatoes are perennial! One of the benefits of growing in Arizona.


I love that belly photo! You look ripe and ready to go!! Congratulations, so exciting!!!!

gardenmama said...

What a great post!
Love this : )

Leanne said...

Oooh so much blooming at your place! delicious homegrown fruit! beautiful.

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